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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: See Tomorrow’s Turns Today

by Socionomics Institute on February 1, 2016

Musical legend David Bowie may have left us this year, but his famous lyrics were never more suited to the overall theme of the last few years: “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes. Turn and face the strange.”

Thanks to dramatic shifts in various areas of the global economic, political, and social landscape — many of us were forced to “turn and face the strange.”

Most of us would agree that, when it comes to the trends in politics, money, culture and pretty much all other matters of our collective social experience, we are resigned to absorb the impact of sea changes which “no one saw coming” — rather than prepare for them in advance.

Well, a new science of social prediction known as socionomics spins this notion on its head. Socionomics makes a radical counterclaim — namely, there is a way to be in the driver’s seat and anticipate the subtle and dramatic shifts to the human landscape we navigate daily.

The sixth annual 2016 Social Mood Conference is where your “driving lesson” begins.


What is Socionomics?

Mainstream wisdom says: The economy, together with social events, drive stock market trends — and investor sentiment follows.

Socionomics says the opposite: social mood, which is reflected in the performance of stocks, drives the economy and social events.

It even goes one step further: Changes in social mood are not random.

The implications of this radical counterclaim are hugely powerful. It means you can actually anticipate which way the financial and societal winds will turn. In other words, you can be in the driver’s seat of your future.


What specific social developments has socionomics anticipated?

The Socionomics Institute’s original research has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. Its own monthly newsletter, The Socionomist, has foreseen some of the most shocking and upending changes to the social landscape over the last 5-7 years:

Arab Spring: December 2010 Socionomist “Mood in the Middle East” warned that an onset of “negative social mood” in the region would bring about an “eruption of conflicts” — right before a wave of violence came crashing down as the “Arab Spring,” and ongoing “Arab Winter.”

Big Data: 2011 Social Mood Conference speakers Eric Gilbert, Johan Bollen and Huina Mao introduced the concept of “big data” along with their widely popular “Twitter” study — which showed the predictive power of Twitter to forecast stock prices.

In 2012, “Big Data” was the word of the year.

Eurozone Woes: December 2009 Socionomist “The Developing European Tinderbox” article preceded the biggest story in Europe in 2010 — the rekindling of old ethnic and national hostilities and the possible dissolution of the euro.

Legalization of Marijuana: July 2009 Socionomist “The Coming Collapse of Modern Prohibition” study said: “The public will become open to what may now seem like radical ideas about how best to deal with marijuana use in society. The trend toward decriminalization will intensify.”

Result: In 2013, 58% of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana, the first majority in the 44-year history of the Gallup poll tracking. Today, 23 states and counting have legalized the use of medical marijuana; Colorado, Washington State, the District of Colombia, and Oregon have legalized recreational use.

Russia: November 2007 Socionomist “Sizing up a Superpower: A Socionomic Study of Russia” warned that the economic leviathan was about to sink under the weight of:

1. “The biggest bear market since 1999” in the RTSI that will “take prices to the 2004 lows.”

2. “Social and political chaos with serious geostrategic implications.”

Result: From its 2007-8 high near 2500, the RTSI endured a brutal bear market, while U.S.-Russia relations are now at their “worst since the Cold War.”


How Would You Benefit from a Better Understanding of Future Social Trends?

The SIXTH annual 2016 Social Mood Conference took place at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta, Ga, on April 9. Here’s a one-line item checklist as to why watching the on-demand video of the event is worth your time.

In the words of a previous Social Mood Conference attendee:

“You’re someone who wants to get your mind blown.”

The on-demand video of the 2016 Social Mood Conference introduces you to the world’s leading socionomists. You’ll hear their groundbreaking foresights into the radical sea changes in store for the entire human landscape.

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