See and Hear 2014 Conference Presenters Onstage at the Podium — As Attendees Did!

“This is the one day every year that I look forward to the most.”

Just as attendees did, you too can be part of that amazing conference experience and come away newly equipped to capitalize on trends and turns months or even years before they happen.

The 2014 Social Mood Conference is available On-Demand.

Once you buy the stream, you can watch and re-watch as often as you want. All the slides and charts from the presenters are available to you as downloadable pdf documents. Many of the slides are memorable on their own for the power of the story they tell.

You’ll watch as Dave Allman — Elliott Wave International’s “resident skeptic” for more than 30 years — opens the conference with an address that basically asks: Does socionomic analysis deliver on the promise of “big multiples for early adopters”? His answer amounts to a clear “Oh Yes,” via the real-world examples of cryptocurrency and pot stocks. The socionomic insight does help spot historic investment opportunities, if you have the chutzpah to act on them. (Not many people do.)

Watch as Dave turns the podium over to Robert Prechter, who reminds us of Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object keeps on doing what it’s doing, unless acted upon by an external force — a law of physics that certainly applies to inanimate objects. Yet Bob goes on to explain that most people are unable to anticipate major trend changes because they assume that Newton’s First Law of Motion applies to human social behavior.

From there, Bob’s powerful presentation covers the growing demand for socionomic-minded researchers, thinkers, investors and practitioners around the world. His insights leave your brain a little bigger.

Then come the next nine presenters: Each delivers their address to you from the stage – just as they did for conference attendees.

Yet the additional benefit for you is the ability to pause and rewind the video: You’ll catch every word, study every figure and chart, and keep every takeaway — all the knowledge you can use in your own life.

  • Dr. Werner De Bondt: Professor at DePaul University and one of the founders of behavioral finance. The title of his captivating talk is “The Speculative Dynamics of World Equity Markets.”
  • Dr. Suzy Moat: Assistant professor of behavioral science at Warwick Business School (UK). She and her colleagues found patterns in Google and Wikipedia searches that can be used to forecast the stock market.
  • Alan Brochstein: CFA and widely-read blogger and former fund manager, he discusses how he seeks to equip investors with factual information on the volatile and still emerging marijuana sector. Alan’s presentation offers you a model for how to see unseen opportunities.
  • Plus Alan Hall (“Technology’s Future — The Jetsons or Terminator?”) and Matt Lampert (“The Socio Edge: Making Socionomically Informed Decisions”) of the Socionomics Institute.
  • Much more!

The 2014 Social Mood Conference covers an amazing amount of ground. Once you watch the streaming video for yourself, you’ll understand why people keep coming back. Forty percent of the attendees of the 2014 Social Mood Conference were joining us for their second, third and even fourth time. (The quote at the top of the page is from a third-timer!)

Here are a few more comments from attendees:

“I attended last year and had to have more. … This has changed the way I look at everything.”

David M., Colleyville, TX

“The Social Mood Conference bridges the gap between knowing and doing.  Highly recommended for any and all independent thinkers.  ”

Alastair M., Portland, Maine

“For those who are not familiar with socionomics, I strongly encourage you to attend the Summit.”

George M., Foxfire, N.C.

Order the on-demand streaming presentation and experience the conference for yourself.

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*Kenneth Kishida’s presentation is not included in the on-demand stream.