The 2012 Socionomics Summit: We Bring The Social Mood Conference to You

In April 2012, Robert Prechter and a formidable group of academics and finance professionals gathered in Atlanta to share their latest findings in social mood research.

Even more groundbreaking than the 2011 Summit, the second annual event did not disappoint.

If you are one of the many individuals who were unable to attend the summit, we have great news: You may now watch the event at your pace, from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

The 2012 Summit gathered many of the leading researchers, practitioners, business people and finance professionals to explore the latest trends in social mood.

Experience the engaging presentations and informative Q&A sessions between the speakers and audience with instant online access to original visual footage of 11 engaging speaker presentations, including:

  • Robert Prechter, author of the two-book set Socionomics, presented the just-released paper “Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and US Presidential Elections,” one of the top ten most-downloaded papers on the site,
  • Terry Burnham, author of the acclaimed Mean Markets and Lizard Brains and former equity fund manager, spoke about on “The Neural and Emotional Basis of Herding in Financial Markets.”
  • Managing Director of the MarketPsych Group and board-certified psychiatrist Richard Peterson presented on ” Greed, Fear, and the Predictive Power of Financial Emotions.”
  • Macroeconomic researcher and strategist at Paineiras Investimentos Jose Carlos Carvalho offered insights in “Brazil’s Socionomics: From Basket-Case to Superstar
  • Leena Ilmola, senior researcher at the Advanced Systems Analysis program of International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna, presented on the qualitative “Social Mood Indicator” she and her Extreme Events team developed for the European Ministry of Defense.
  • Financial services expert and 25-year market veteran Peter Atwater spoke about “Horizon Preference: How Changes in Social Mood Affect Decision Making.”
  • Plus, the Socionomics Institute’s Matt Lampert, Euan Wilson, Mark Almand presented on various topics.

Here are just a few attendee comments from the sold-out 2012 Summit.

“This has been the best meeting I have attended in years!!!”
– Jeff P., Atlanta, GA

“The Socionomics Summit is a great place to get a bigger and deeper picture of what really drives people to do what they do.”
David L., Boston, MA

“The Summit exceeded my expectations which were high to begin with.”
Shawn I., Corpus Christi, TX

The 2012 Social Mood Conference moved at a spirited pace and covered an amazing amount of ground: Experience it for yourself.


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