The 2017 Social Mood Conference

April 8, 2017 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta, Ga.


Be a part of this illuminating experience — and come away equipped to capitalize on new trends, emerging ideas and original perspectives.


Take a Sneak Peek at Some of Our 2017 Speakers!


hs-alanhallAlan Hall

Alan has presented at numerous events including the Conference on Mood in Coventry, England, the Interagency Health Leaders Roundtable in Washington D.C., the Irrational Economic Summit in Miami, Florida, the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprise in Hoboken, New Jersey, and many more. His areas of research include authoritarianism, cyber warfare, disease, education, environmentalism, eugenics and politics.


Lampert2012Matt Lampert

Matt is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, Winner of the award for Best Presentation at the 2011 Conference on Everything, and has enjoyed speaking about socionomic theory and the Elliott wave model to many audiences throughout the US and Europe. His research has been supported by the National Academy of Sciences with funds from the National Science Foundation, and his work has been featured by USA Today, CNBC, the Associated Press and other popular news and scholarly publications.


untitled2Charlie Aitken

Charlie is an investment manager with 30+years of experience. His notable career highs include identifying and forewarning of the “secular bear market,” which commenced in late 1999 in real-terms, and helping clients profit from both the 2000/2003 warm-up and the subsequent financial crisis of late 2007 to early 2009. His expertise includes investing, advising, managing, analysing, writing, and more.


brian-whitmer-Brian Whitmer

Brian is a pure technical analyst. He is proficient in socionomics, which has put him ahead of events in Europe, his region of focus. Brian describes himself as self-educated in Austrian economics, and he is well versed in the misunderstandings of mainstream theories. His analysis and forecasts are quoted in European media outlets, and he has been interviewed by notable U.S. media including Yahoo! Finance and Fortune. Brian’s area of research is European markets.

Here’s what attendees had to say about the 2016 Social Mood Conference:

  • “The best so far. I can’t believe the images are so fresh in my mind.” — Eric G.
  • “The quality of speaker content was through the roof. I’ll be back next year.” — Anonymous
  • “The conference is the one day I look forward to every year. The interaction with fellow socionomists is invaluable.” — George M.
  • “The [online] streaming was excellent.  I was worried about spending the day on the screen, but the time passed quickly.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who can’t attend in person but wants to learn more about socionomics.” – Peter A.