Capitalize on events no one else sees coming…
…and be a part of something BIG.


The Trump and Sanders “revolutions.”  The EU refugee crisis. Racial tensions. The Zika epidemic. $5.4 billion in legal pot sales in the U.S. Soaring gold, wobbling stocks, negative interest rates…

Our world is in a constant flux. To most people, change seems random. But it’s not.

Over the next few years, we’ll see more radical shifts in social and financial trends. You’ll want to join some of them. Other trends, you’d better get out of the way.

Scary? It doesn’t have to be.

Prepare for changes that will surprise nearly everyone, but not you

If you know how to anticipate social changes, you can prepare — and benefit.

Nearly everyone lacks this skill. You, however, because you’re reading this page, are in a unique position to join the educated minority who understands how to predict and benefit from social change.

Socionomics is a new science of social forecasting pioneered by Robert Prechter. At its core is a simple — yet counterintuitive — idea. As Prechter puts it:

bob“Most people think that social events cause the public’s mood to change, but it’s the other way around:

The public’s mood shapes the tenor of social events.

“This idea is the basis for what I call socionomics.”

This radical idea puts the mainstream understanding of cause and effect completely on its head.

Socionomic research shows you how a positive social mood induces people to expand businesses, dress with flair, buy happy music, live in peace — and bid up stock prices. And how negative mood induces us to do the opposite.

At the 6th Annual Social Mood Conference on April 9, 2016 the world’s top social mood researchers gathered under one roof to share their wisdom, knowledge and insights. You can experience the entire conference, right from your PC or mobile device, via an on-demand broadcast.

The Social Mood Conference may forever change how you see the future

dave-podium-3The on-demand video of the 6th Annual Social Mood Conference will introduce you to innovators at the forefront of social mood research and application from a variety of fields — physics, finance, economics, mathematics, accounting, and business.

You’ll hear new methods and strategies for identifying and capitalizing on emerging social trends.



You’ll see these 10 distinguished speakers:

Boston University
Elliott Wave International

Texas A&M University-
San Antonio

University of Delaware
Central Washington University
The Parallax Letter
Elliott Wave International
Elliott Wave International

What past conference attendees say:

Here are a few more comments from the 2016 conference participants:

  • “The best so far. I can’t believe the images are so fresh in my mind.” — Eric G.
  • “The quality of speaker content was through the roof. I’ll be back next year.” — Anonymous
  • “The conference is the one day I look forward to every year. The interaction with fellow socionomists is invaluable.” — George M.
  • “The [online] streaming was excellent.  I was worried about spending the day on the screen, but the time passed quickly.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who can’t attend in person but wants to learn more about socionomics.” – Peter A.


Order the on-demand broadcast of the 2016 Social Mood Conference and equip yourself with insights you won’t find anywhere else.