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On April 5, 2014, Robert Prechter, Dr. Werner De Bondt, Dr. Suzy Moat, Peter Atwater and a notable group of academics, scientists and finance professionals gathered in Atlanta to share the latest findings in social mood research.

Every bit as groundbreaking as the previous Social Mood Conferences, the fourth annual event was a smashing success.

If you were among the fortunate attendees, we have great news:  You can now relive every exciting moment. Or if you were unable to attend: It is not too late to partake. You may now watch at your pace, from the comfort and convenience of your home or office with our 2014 Social Mood Conference On-Demand Streaming Presentation.

Experience what the packed-house audience saw and heard during the 2014 Social Mood Conference: the speakers; their charts and slides; plus the Q&A sessions between the speakers and audience.

You will watch as the unofficial director behind the Social Mood Conference every year, Dave Allman, kicks off the event with a mix of humorous anecdotes and eye-opening charts on trends from crypto-currency to pot stocks. He then hands over the podium to Robert Prechter, who delivers a powerful presentation on the growing demand for socionomic-minded researchers, thinkers, investors and practitioners around the world. Next, you will see nine additional presenters – from the stage – just as those in attendance did. Plus, you can pause and rewind the video to catch every word, study every chart and figure and dissect every takeaway into actionable information you can use in your own life.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

  • Robert Prechter, author of the two-book set Socionomics and co-author of the groundbreaking paper, “Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and US Presidential Elections,” one of the top ten most-downloaded papers on the site, SSRN.com.
  • Dr. Werner De Bondt, a professor at DePaul University, is one of the founders of behavioral finance. He has examined people’s tendencies toward exaggerating the true impact of new information, engaging in wishful thinking and following biased perceptions of risk. The title of his talk is “The Speculative Dynamics of World Equity Markets.”
  • Dr. Suzy Moat, assistant professor of behavioral science at Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom, is a computational social scientist. In collaboration with her colleagues, she discovered that usage patterns in Google and Wikipedia can be used to forecast the stock market.
  • Alan Brochstein, CFA, is ahead of the curve on investment opportunities in medical and recreational marijuana. The goal of his website, 420Investor.com, is to be the “go-to place for Green Rush investors to learn together and explore the investment opportunities” of this developing trend.
  • And more!

A few attendee comments from the 2014 conference:

“I attended last year and had to have more. … Galileo said, paraphrased, ‘Once the great truths are discovered they are easy to understand. Our job is to discover them.’ Thank you for discovering this and making this available to us. This has changed the way I look at everything.”
-  David M., Colleyville, TX

“The socionomic insight, once grasped, is a powerful one. The complexity and challenges are in day-to-day application. The Social Mood Conference bridges that gap between knowing and doing.  Highly recommended for any and all independent thinkers.  ”
- Alastair M., Portland, Maine

“The public will greatly benefit from the advancement of socionomic theory. For those who are not familiar with socionomics, I strongly encourage you to attend the next Summit.”
George M., Foxfire, N.C.


The 2014 Social Mood Conference moved at a spirited pace and covered an amazing amount of ground: Experience it for yourself.

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