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Essential Social Mood Presentations, Volume 1


Join us online on April 8 as Matt Lampert introduces seven seminal socionomics presentations from the past six years.

We’ve hand-selected these presentations because they are essential for every member. They will give you a better understanding of just how far socionomics reaches into your world. They will surprise you with their breadth. And they will inspire you with new ways to use this tool for your protection and profit.

As your host, the Institute’s Director of Research Matt Lampert will help you see exactly how the various speakers’ points fit into socionomics theory and how they affect you in 2017.

Best of all, the presentations are yours to keep. You’ll want to watch them again because each time you do, you’ll hear something that increases your appreciation and helps reinforce your understanding and embolden your commitment.

You’ll likely recognize the names of many of the presenters. Some are world-renowned academics; some are financial leaders; others are Institute and EWI staffers. All are innovators and top-notch presenters.

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Here’s what attendees had to say about the 2016 Social Mood Presentations:

  • “The best so far. I can’t believe the images are so fresh in my mind.” — Eric G.
  • “The quality of speaker content was through the roof.” — Anonymous
  • “The conference is the one day I look forward to every year.”— George M.
  • “The [online] streaming was excellent.  I was worried about spending the day on the screen, but the time passed quickly.” – Peter A.

Socionomics enables you to see waves of social mood—and capitalize on them. Wherever and whenever you live, socionomics can warn you about big societal changes before they harm you. Similarly, it can reveal breakthrough opportunities before they emerge.