The Essential Social Mood Conference

Indispensable presentations from the sharpest minds in socionomics and related fields, 2011 – 2016


The Essential Social Mood Conference is a weeklong, 100% virtual event that features some of the most important presentations from the first six annual social mood summits. We hand-selected these presentations because they are foundational. They reveal to you just how far socionomics reaches into your world. They surprise you with their breadth. And they inspire you with new ways to use socionomics for your protection and prosperity.

As your host, the Socionomics Institute’s Director of Research Matt Lampert helps you see how each speaker’s points connect to common socionomic themes and how they affect you.

You’ll likely recognize the names of many of the presenters. Some are world-renowned academics; some are financial leaders; others are Institute and EWI researchers. All are innovators and top-notch presenters.

The event runs April 16-20, with presentations released daily. You can watch on demand from anywhere in the world.

How can you watch? Become a Socionomics Premier Member and enjoy these presentations, plus get a host of other content that will help you squeeze the most out of the event. And, as a member, you’ll get ongoing reports and analysis that will empower you to continue to see the world socionomically after the conference concludes.

We charged $299 for a full-price ticket to just one Social Mood Conference, but you can get a week of intriguing presentations plus the full benefits of the Socionomics Premier Membership for just $377.

Start your membership today and reserve your virtual seat to the Essential Social Mood Conference.




Here’s what attendees have had to say about the Social Mood Conference:

  • “The content was nothing less than phenomenal.” — Robert G.
  • “The quality of speaker content was through the roof.” — Anonymous
  • “The Social Mood Conference is a must for those wanting the tools to understand not only the markets, but all of life.”— Doug F.
  • “The [online] streaming was excellent.  I was worried about spending the day on the screen, but the time passed quickly.” – Peter A.


Socionomics enables you to see waves of social mood—and capitalize on them. Wherever and whenever you live, socionomics can warn you about big societal changes before they harm you. Similarly, it can reveal breakthrough opportunities before they emerge.